About the Committee


The Committee for Goods and Materials Subject to Import and Export Control (CGMSIEC) contributes actively in leveraging control on exports and preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and related technologies, by implementing relevant policies and regulations, and engaging in partnerships on both national and international levels.


The UAE Cabinet issued resolution number 3/99 of 2009 establishing the Committee for Goods and Materials Subject to Import and Export Control with an affiliated Executive Office to act as communication channel with other countries and international bodies concerned with control on exports. The Executive Office is also responsible for circulating resolutions issued by the committee, following up with competent authorities and bodies in this regard, in addition to ensuring the implementation of the decisions of UN Security Council and other concerned regional and international organizations and authorities. The establishment of the Committee is in line with the UAE’s vision in maintaining security and stability in the UAE and abroad, promoting partnerships with countries in the region and around the globe for a world free of weapons of mass destruction.  


In accordance with the federal law No. 13 for 2007, amended by law No. 2 for 2008, related to strategic goods subject to export and import control, the committee is in charge of approving amendments to the law, regulations and table of commodities categorized as strategic and controlled. It also studies recommendations of the Executive Office regarding the enforcement of UN Security Council decisions in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC) and other competent bodies. The committee also carries out any other responsibilities as assigned by the Cabinet.  


The UAE Vision 2021 has foreseen that the global economy will witness significant economic changes in the coming years. Thus, its National Agenda aims for the UAE to be at the heart of such changes. In this sense, it focuses on the UAE becoming the economic, touristic and commercial capital for more than two billion people by transitioning to a knowledge-based economy, promoting innovation, research and development, strengthening the regulatory framework for key sectors, and encouraging high value-adding sectors. These will improve the country’s business environment and increase its attractiveness to foreign investment. From this perspective, the Committee for Goods and Materials Subject to Import and Export Control developed its strategic goals so as to be consistent with such a vision.