HE Ahmed Ali Al Sayegh Word

Minister of State and President of the Committee for Goods Subjected to Import and Export Control


Maintaining security and stability inside and outside the country has always been the UAE’s symbol since its formation on 2 December 1971. In this sense, the UAE has set an exceptional example for other countries in terms of tolerance, peaceful coexistence and openness to other cultures. This is reflected in the rich diversity of cultures embraced in the country. 


Supporting regional and global security, peace and sustainable development is one of the principles that the UAE is committed to, and a key driver for its future outlook. Such a principle was anchored by late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may Allah rest his soul in peace, and is still being pursued by the UAE’s wise leadership under President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, may Allah protect him.


In this context, the Committee for Goods and Materials Subject to Import and Export Control and its Executive Office represent one of the control bodies that play an effective role in banning and preventing proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by strictly controlling UAE exports and imports. Since 2009, the committee dedicated itself to discharging its responsibilities stipulated under the federal law No. 13 for 2007 and its amendments. This is done by designing and implementing innovative and sustainable solutions, making best use of the latest telecommunication smart technology within an integrated modern electronic infrastructure, as well as adopting the best international practices in this field.


By so doing, the committee aims to keep in pace with the wise approach of the UAE’s leadership and the UAE 2021 vision, with an ultimate goal of positioning the UAE as a role model in offering state-of-the-art smart services based on effective laws, programs and partnerships at local and international levels, and in accordance with the highest relevant standards.


From this perspective, the committee’s website is considered an important platform to introduce its vision, mission and strategic objectives. It is especially important as a source of valuable information related to strategic goods and chemical materials subject to import and export control, And information related to the targeted financial sanctions where allows the government and private sector identify their obligations and apply financial sanctions in line with international standards. in addition to acting as an advanced platform to deliver smart services to its customers in an easy manner and highlight national industries.


Another significant feature of this website is that it offers the public a channel to reach us. That being said, we would like to underline that we highly value your opinion and welcome your feedback, comments and suggestions that will surely be conducive to improving the website content and enhancing the services offered by the committee.  Our ultimate goal is to ensure best practices in the field of exports control are embraced and fulfil the UAE’s international commitments in this regard.