EOCN and The (CNASNU) Sign MOU on The Implementation of Targeted Financial Sanctions

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On the sidelines of the workshop organized by the Executive Office for control and non-proliferation (EOCN) in collaboration with the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) entitled " Combating the financing of terrorism- Investigations and Modern Technologies", the EOCN and the The National Commission for the Implementation of Sanctions Imposed by United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Terrorism, Arms Proliferation and their Financing in the Kingdom of Morocco (CNASNU)signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to enhance bilateral cooperation and coordination in the field of implementing targeted financial sanctions, exchange experiences and share best practices and guidelines in order to promote the effectiveness of applying the requirements of Security Council resolutions, especially those related to combating terrorism, proliferation and financing of arms and evasion of sanctions. This is besides cooperation in building competencies and raising capabilities in accordance with international standards issued by FATF in the field of implementing targeted financial sanctions.


The MOU was signed by H. E. Talal Al - Teneiji, EOCN director, and Mr. Hicham Mellati, Chairman of the National Committee responsible for implementing sanctions stipulated in the Security Council resolutions - Kingdom of Morocco.


Al- Teneiji has stressed that "The signing of the Mou stems from the well-established and strong relations between the UAE and the kingdom of Morocco, not to mention the keenness of the two countries to effectively build and strengthen the bonds of cooperation between them and create a distinguished partnership in the fields of Joint Security, criminal and preventive cooperation. This is for the interest of society and to enhance security and safety, a matter that constitutes an important step to continue strengthening efforts to implement Security Council resolutions and combat the financing of terrorism and the spread of arms”.


"This will increase our ability to identify and curb threats and risks and enhance channels of communication between the two countries, a matter that will increase capability to counter criminal activities, establish bases in partnership for the exchange of experiences, enhance the level of effective implementation of the requirements of Security Council resolutions related to the fight against terrorism and the proliferation of arms and their financing, and protect the economy and financial systems from exploitation by any illegal operations”, he added.


For his part, Mr. Hisham Al-Mulati, Mr. Hicham Mellati, Chairman of the National Committee responsible for implementing sanctions stipulated in the Security Council resolutions - Kingdom of Morocco, noted that "the signing of the MOU will contribute significantly to the development of tools and techniques used to freeze funds and other assets of terrorists and financiers of the spread of arms without delay and the detection of cases of evasion of sanctions and the participation of patterns and methods used by criminals in financing illegal activities".


This MOU is an important step towards building a solid system with counterparts to combat terrorism financing and arms proliferation crimes and enhance international cooperation to share best practices and technical expertise at the regional level to dry up, seize and confiscate the sources of terrorism financing and arms proliferation.