EOCN holds a workshop on "Technical risk assessment of Dual-use Exports"

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The Executive Office for control and non-proliferation (EOCN) hosted a" workshop on technical risk assessment of dual – use exports", which was organized in partnership with the embassy of the United States of America in the UAE and the participation of the Bureau of exports and border security of the US Department of state. The event was held during the period from 19 to 21 September 2023.


This workshop is part of a series of qualification and training programs in the field of anti-proliferation, export control and risk assessment, and aims to enable participants to understand proliferation threats, risk analysis, classification of goods, the role of licensing, and end-user assessment. The seminar has also tackled other related topics to secure the stages of cargo handling and achieve the expected compliance standards in export control within best practices and according to risk-based approach.