EOCN holds a Workshop on the Controls over Export of Dual-Use Goods

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The Executive Office for Control and Non-Proliferation (EOCN) held a workshop on export controls for dual-use goods, which was prepared in partnership with the European Union - P2P  and the Federal Office of Economics Affairs and Export Control in Germany (BAFA). The event was attended by a number of government institutions in the Republic of Iraq concerned with the control of merchandise trade. This two-day workshop is part of a series of programs organized by the EOCN to learn about experiences and best practices, which affirms the United Arab Emirates' support for all national, regional and international efforts and initiatives to achieve expected compliance with export controls.

"Legislations and partnerships at the national, regional and international levels, as well as adopting best practices and adhering to the requirements of international conventions are one of the key pillars, as we know, to achieve compliance with export controls, contribute to overall development and enhance the economy's inputs," said His Excellency Talal Al Teneiji, Director of the EOCN.

“At the national level, the strategic partnership between the national regulatory authorities in the UAE plays an active role in achieving compliance and business streamlining, through continuous cooperation and coordination among such entities and authorities in building capabilities and sharing information and expertise”, Al Teneiji added.

"During the two-day workshop we will learn about and benefit from each other's experiences and expertise. We look forward to strengthening future cooperation in joint programs concerned with capacity building and exchange of experiences - because of the importance of this matter in keeping pace with development, supporting international trade exchange, promoting common concepts and combating the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their financing. This is besides the implementation of best practices and controls that all states seek to enforce and that are called for and maintained by the Security Council in its resolution 1540 of (2004) and other international conventions, including the Chemical Weapons Convention “, His Excellency Al Teneiji said.

The workshop sessions included valuable contributions from officials and experts on the methods used in export control and the exchange of experiences and practices in this field, which have contributed to enhancing the level of awareness and capacity building of the participating institutions.